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If you are not quite sure about a reservation or one of the services we offer, our FAQ is the spot for you!

Are we allowed to pull tubes behind the rental boats?

Unfortunately we are not able to permit any towing behind our boats at any time. You can, however, take floats out with you to enjoy when boat is at a complete stop/float.

Suggestions for Kayaking?

Morning is the best time to enjoy the lake.  It seems to be more quiet and has calmer waters.  The islands are a terrific destination when kayaking!  Ask our staff—we have avid kayakers that will share how to best enjoy the experience!

How do we prepare for the weather in the mountains?

Dress in layers!  The weather can fluctuate during the day in Colorado.  Occasionally there are afternoon showers.
Usually very brief, but grab your waterproof jacket! If you happen to forget an item, TRM does have a retail area selling raincoats, sweatshirts, towels, hats and sunscreen.

Food and Beverage — are there options on site?

TRM has a retail shop that sells sodas, water, snacks and to go items.  We have a Tavern on site for our guests offering beer, wine and limited snacks.  You are welcome to also dock at Grand Lake's town docks and visit the area restaurants.

We want to fish during our trip, is that possible?

Absolutely!  A valid Colorado fishing license is required.  We sell fishing rods and fishing tackle/live bait.  Our staff will be happy to make suggestions on areas to visit for fishing to be sure you and your family have a successful day!

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